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Baby To Toddler First Aid Kit

Baby & Toddler Compact Travel First Aid Kit - orcacare
  • SMALL & LIGHTWEIGHT- Small first aid kit allows moms to always be able to take along in purses and/or bags to handle any unexpected minor injuries. Convenient enough to have on hand to use at home or when out and about like at the park or birthday parties.
  • HIGH-QUALITY ESSENTIAL CONTENTS - This travel first aid kit is packed with the premium brand names that parents know and trust. Each item thoughtfully selected with moms and children in mind. Wipe away the tears with fun stickers and bandages (Variable colors from kit to kit).
  • CUTE/STYLISH KID FRIENDLY DESIGN – Moms with young kids will love this attractive family first aid kit. No more plain or basic designs that get boring to carry around. Slight design variations from kit to kit
  • ORGANIZED COMPARTMENTS – This first aid kits for kids has a fold out design to allow for quick and easy access to supplies. Includes zippered section and the extra exterior pocket for more storage of individual personal items!

Do you ever say to yourself, “Oh where’s a band-aid when you need one"? 

Our compact first aid kit is small and convenient to have on hand at all times so you never leave the house unprepared.

It is equipped with essential items to quickly take care of and soothe your little one's tears at a moments notice. From treating minor cuts, burns, or bruises, all the way to those pesky splinters and hangnails, this kit has it all.

The kits are assembled here in the USA with the majority of the supplies sourced from here as well. Multiple compartments allow for flexibility to store personal preference items. It’s small yet comprehensive.

50 pieces in this mini first aid kit:

(6)Bandages (Kid) 3/4x3;, (6)Bandages (fabric) 3/4”x3”, (6)Bandages (fabric) 1”x3”, (2)Bandages Knee/Elbow (fabric), (2)Bandages Finger Care (fabric), (1)Gauze 2”x3”, (1)Gauze 3”x4”, (2)Hydrocortisone Cream, (2)Triple Antibiotic Ointment, (2)First Aid/Burn Cream, (1)Tape 1/2”x2.5yds, (2)Cotton Applicators, (2)Lip Balm, (2)Alcohol Free Anti-Septic Wipes, (2)Antibacterial Wipes, (2)Thermometer Strips, (1)Tweezer, (1)Scissor, (1)Nail Clipper, (2)Safety Pins, (4)Stickers

 Why is this the perfect kit for moms with young kids?

  • Assorted bandages for any child
  • Kids will love the stickers and kid design bandages
  • Small and includes the perfect essential items to take anywhere
  • Kid friendly and cute design
  • Includes many high-quality brand name items
  • Designed by Nurse/Firefighter team with moms interest at heart